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The new reality of doing business involves transitioning into a paperless environment – and this can seem to be a very daunting task! Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more people are working from home and the accounting and administration side of running a law office goes much smoother when you have your books and records online.

The transition from paper-centric to paper-less is easier than you think. You’re already doing it in the Practice Management (client) side of your law firm! This webinar is designed for you if:

• You’ve been wanting to make this change but don’t know where to start
• You don’t see yourself as very “tech-savvy” and worry about the cost
• You are about to go into a Compliance audit and the Law Society wants your records, electronically
• Your books and records in your filing cabinets are not as accurate as they once were, as most Invoices and receipts are coming in via email now and not mail.
• You are finding it more difficult to find admin/legal accountants (aka bookkeepers) who will come into your office since the pandemic


Janet Clothier has provided accounting services for small law firms since 1986 and she and Heather Toy and the rest of her JSC Legal Accounting team have worked in a virtual environment for over 8 years. They have assisted many clients in transitioning to a successful and secure paperless workplace.

Brian Mauch is the founder and CEO of BMC Networks, a Vancouver-based outsourced IT provider that specializes in law firms. Brian obtained both law and commerce degrees from UBC, and then combined his education with his passion for technology to form BMC Networks in 1997. Brian focuses on strategic planning and advice for BMC’s clients.