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The Secret to Scalable Entity Management:
Calling all legal teams managing corporate entity data and compliance!

With increasing levels of compliance and regulatory requirements changing the landscape of corporate entity management and a growing reliance on accurate and easy to find corporate data, the pain of analog entity data has never been sharper. No matter what you are using to manage your entity data, whether that is spreadsheets, outdated software, or physical minute books, the benefits of going digital will dramatically improve your ability to economize your law firm.

The age of digital entity management is upon us, which is why Athennian and BMC Networks have come together to host a live webinar that will teach you how to create a more efficient corporate governance business designed to grow.

During the webinar, you will learn:
How to harness the power of technology to automate mundane tasks
How to build smarter workflows that handle day-to-day data requirements quickly
How to improve your security infrastructure and lower the risk of a data breach and
How cloud-technology can help your paralegal teams be more successful and satisfied

Brian Mauch, BMC Networks
Kirsten Hansen, Athennian
Kyle Marks, Athennian

Click here to view the recorded webinar: